Minutes of Board Meeting of June 16, 2011

Minutes of Board Meeting of May 12, 2011

Minutes of Board Meeting of April 14, 2011

Minutes of Board Meeting of March 17, 2011

Minutes of Board Meeting of February 17, 2011

David Copp, Robert Franson, Mark Gordon, Inga Hoffman, Ed Hutton, Ruth Keeley, Chris Le Maistre, Nancy Mead, Corinne Miller, Dusty Miller, Florence Orenstein, Phyllis Wood, Steve Zaslaw
Nancy Mead opened the meeting.

Secretary’s Report
Ruth Keeley presented the minutes and they were approved as submitted.

Nancy Mead reported that OSHER has approved us for 2011.

Treasurer’s Report
David Copp will present a summary Sunday on 2010 OSHER expenditures and income. There was a discussion on handling expenses for courses. It is important for requests to go through the University. At this time the best way to avoid problems is to clearly communicate to instructors our format and advance requirements.

Chris LeMaistre reported that Gary Griggs is scheduled for the Sunday meeting.

Ed Hutton After investigation of the “Day by the Bay” event it was determined that this event targets University Alumni. While it would be appropriate for Osher LLI to be informed of and invited to the event, there is little need for our participation formally (i.e. a booth) at this time. It was MSC that we not participate in this event. The end of the year party was discussed and several possible locations were mentioned. A small committee (Ed, Phyllis, Chris, Florence) was formed to look at University locations with Corinne for this event to be held June 18. The party to recognize group leaders would work well at Provost Fay Crosby’s residence at Cowell. This event is scheduled for August 20.

Mark Gordon thanked the Board for their support at the January meeting. We had an unexpectedly large attendance and had sound problems. The Board members were very helpful with making accommodations and assisting new comers. As our group meeting numbers increase we will be adjusting the arrangement of seating and will have to give up some food service area, although we will still be able to have coffee and coffee cake. A head set mike and new speakers have been purchased by the University, which should solve the sound problems. We will notify guest speakers that they will be using a head set.

Interest Groups Report
Dusty Miller presented a proposal for a new interest group, Concept Exchange. It was MSC to allow this new interest group. David Copp reported that the Santa Cruz Baroque Festival has asked if our Santa Cruz Baroque Festival Interest Group meetings preceding the performances could be open to any attending the performance, including non OSHER LLI members. It was MSC that attendees be invited to attend the presentations. The speakers for these presentations are provided by the Santa Cruz Baroque Festival.

Membership Report
Florence Orenstein reported that we now have 592 members. Our backlog of mailings is now caught up. Corinne Miller informed the Board that she is hoping to find a capable student who would be paid to assist with the processing of mail and making entries into the database. (The student will not be expected to design a new database; that will be for a professional to do.) This should eliminate confusion on groups and should also fix our problem with keeping the membership list up to date. It is hoped that this position will be filled by the next Board meeting. Because of our renewal date we will be using our August membership numbers in our annual application to OSHER.

Steve Zaslaw passed around the new Z-fold brochure and asked for feedback. He was instructed to present a bill for his design hours on this project. It was MSC that our postcard focus on classes, speakers, and special announcements and not have interest group information. Dusty is to send notices to the interest group leaders informing them that they will need to use other methods of communicating information about their interest groups.

Phyllis Wood now uses Scotts Valley Press Banner, Scotts Valley Times, Aptos Times, Santa Cruz Weekly, Good Times, the Sentinel, and KUSP for publicity about our events. She continues to remind sources to add OSHER to our name in publications.

Corinne Miller stated that the student intern position will be paid for out of the STARS $20,000 funds. Nancy Mead, Kathleen Hughes and she will be working on the request for the $1,000,000 endowment. We hope to have the application readied by the end of August.
It was MSC that the Board of Directors will comply with the Policy and Guidelines set forth by The Regents of the University of California and the Office of the President.

Nancy Mead showed the Board the postcard which has been printed advertising “Artists in Our Midst” The Lifelong Learners’ Exhibit. It is a very attractive card but does not have the OSHER name on it. She has asked if it could be added to the existing card and was told that it would be unsatisfactory. It was MSC that we keep the existing postcard.
The DVD from last month’s meeting (Forrest Robinson, Mark Twain and Slavery) is ready. Nancy will post a schedule of times the program will be aired on TV. There was some discussion about filming all of our speakers and it was decided for now that we would do this on a case by case basis.

Scholarship Committee
Florence reported that Shirley Forsyth has called a meeting for March to redo the scholarship application. Now that there is more money coming in it was felt that this would be a good time to review the goals of our scholarships overall. The Board asked the Scholarship Committee to meet with University representatives during the next month to revisit the purposes and allocation of scholarship funds. The committee is to report back to the Board at the March meeting.
The meeting closed at 12:30 PM


David Copp: Present OSHER recap to membership Sunday.
Lois Widom: Create guidelines to give to instructors for expenses.
Ed Hutton: Tour University to find site for June party.
Florence Orenstein: Tour University to find site for June party.
Phyllis Wood: Tour University to find site for June party.
Dusty Miller: Send notice to Interest Group Leaders regarding communications.
Corinne Miller: Work on OSHER proposal
Tour University to find site for June party.
Chris LeMaistre Tour University to find site for June party.
Nancy Mead: Publish public TV schedule for Forrest Robinson presentation. Work on OSHER proposal.
Scholarship Committee (Shirley Forsythe & Florence Orenstein): Review and revise Scholarship guidelines.

Minutes of Board Meeting January 13, 2011

Osher LLI at UCSC


Nancy Mead, Chris Le Maistre , David Copp, Lois Widom, Mark Gordon, Inga Hoffman, Dusty Miller, Florence Orenstein, Steve Zaslaw, Robert Franson, Phyllis Wood, Ruth Keeley, Amy Hamel
Nancy Mead called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.


Ruth Keeley asked for corrections or additions to the minutes. Mark asked about the effectiveness of action items which will have been completed by the time of the distribution of the minutes. The Board agreed to leave these items in as a matter of record. Robert asked for clarification of his offer to be of “counsel” in the database process. Nancy stated that it was understood that Robert was to be available to “help”. It was moved, seconded and carried to accept the minutes as corrected.

Treasurer’s Report

David Copp reported that we have received written authorization from Osher (to give to the University) to hold over grant funds. There was a question about two $600 purchases. These appear to have been used for the directory printing. Amy asked for the receipts for these. Florence will turn them in to Corinne. Amy stressed the need for purchase orders and explained the process. There was a question about “blanket” orders. Nancy will talk to Ed regarding blanket order management (mostly vendors for printing). The need for an accounting of Osher grant funds was expressed and David agreed to send an annual accounting of these funds to members.

Program Report

Chris LeMaistre reminded the Board that Forrest Robinson will be speaking Sunday about “Mark Twain and Slavery”. He stated that Gary Griggs and Judy Young are slated for February and March meetings. Nancy stated that she had been contacted by a film maker requesting permission to film and later broadcast (on community TV) the Sunday speaker. She noted that she has checked with Professor Robinson and was authorized by him to have the presentation filmed, however she has not been able to contact the film maker to confirm the arrangements. A lengthy discussion followed centered around the filming of this particular session (since there is a current public discussion having to do with the re-publication of Huckleberry Finn with the “n” word replaced by the word “slave”). It was moved and seconded that we allow the meeting to be filmed with the stipulation that it is only to be used for community TV. The motion passed. Nancy will contact the film maker to confirm arrangements.

Facilities and Hospitality

Mark Gordon reported that everything is set for this month’s meeting with no unusual needs.

Interest Groups Report

Dusty Miller had no new groups to report at this time. She said she will have another Interest Group sheet available for the Sunday meeting. There followed some discussion about the calendar on the website. It was felt this was a very useful tool and we need to educate membership about how to use it effectively. It was decided that a brief tutorial Sunday would be helpful. This may be repeated in various forms at later meetings. Mark mentioned the large amplifier in his garage is not being used. It was moved, seconded and carried to donate the amplifier. STARS will have first choice. Amy will find out if they would like to use it. Steve mentioned again that the monthly post card is difficult to manage at times. This is mostly due to the number of interest groups. It was agreed that Dusty will be the contact point for Interest Group information which is suitable for the post card. All agreed that the card is a helpful reminder.

Membership Report

Florence Orenstein reported steady membership growth. She will have a head count next month. Inga reported that the man who makes our badges has a serious health problem. She showed the Board some alternative types of badges, in case we have to change. She will have cost figures next time.


Lois Widom reported that the classes are going great. She is still hoping that we might have more courses in science. There may be another Biology group in the Fall. Lois suggested a special scholarship to remember Gabriel Zimmerman, UCSC graduate who was one of six killed in the recent Arizona attack on Gabrielle Giffords. It was moved, seconded and carried that $200 be allocated as a scholarship in Gabe’s name.


Phyllis Wood reported that an item she did not submit was printed in the Sentinel. It contained several errors. She has the name of a new contact person at the Sentinel but has not been able to reach him. The Board supported her idea of placing items in the free papers, i.e. Good Times. She will continue sourcing publicity in other locations (Aptos Times, etc.).


Steve Zaslaw suggested that he would like to have a mass e-mailing next year to correct errors in the data base. He would like everyone listed in the directory to proof their own entry. He repeated that it would be nice for someone else to do the post cards or to help. He is working on the data base project. The interested parties have been interviewed and the needs of each are similar to the others. Steve will check with Corrine to get her take on our printing an Osher LLI business card, listing the STARS phone number, along with our new web address.


Amy Hamel gave an example of a typical call received in the STARS office concerning our organization. Recently a caregiver called and asked if she would be charged to attend a class with the person she cares for. Amy was assured that she did the right thing by telling the caller that there would be no extra charge for the caregiver. The scholarship applications have been low. With 28 transfers and 6 re-entry students only one has applied. They will encourage eligible students to apply. Amy said that they will be adding herbal tea to our Sunday table. There was a discussion about Osher stationery and envelopes. The stationery can be forwarded via e-mail to Board members who need it, but we do need more printed envelopes. Nancy will talk to Corinne about stationery and envelopes.


The third Sunday in June would have been a logical day for our ending session party, however this is Father’s Day. Nancy suggested having the event on the Saturday before. We may be able to have our event at the Provost’s House at Cowell. There is a large outside area which would work well for this.
It was agreed that over time our membership will get used to using the correct term in referring to Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.
Nancy asked the group to consider having a table at the UCSC Day by the Bay in April (an event for alumni).
So far there have only been ten submissions for the Art show. The deadline is coming up. Nancy will remind people at the Sunday meeting.
The meeting was adjourned at 12:25 PM


Nancy: Talk to Ed re Blanket order management: call film maker and confirm arrangements for Sunday meeting: talk to Corinne re stationery and envelopes: check location for June event: remind members Sunday of Art Show deadline
Steve: WEB calendar presentation on Sunday: check with Corinne re Osher LLI business cards
Dusty: new interest group sheet Sunday: serve as contact person for post card notices for interest groups
Florence: membership numbers at next meeting: receipts to Corinne
Inga: badge research (in case needed)
Dave: $200 scholarship, Annual accounting of Osher funds to members
Phyllis: publicity in Good Times

Minutes of Board Meeting November 18, 2010

Osher LLI at UCSC


Nancy Mead, Chris Le Maistre , David Copp, Lois Widom, Mark Gordon, Inga Hoffman, Dusty Miller, Florence Orenstein, Steve Zaslaw, Ed Hutton, Robert Franson, Phyllis Wood, Ruth Keeley, Corinne Miller

Opening Comments

Nancy Mead introduced Ruth Keeley to the group. Ruth will be recording secretary pro tem until the election in June. Board members introduced themselves to Ruth.


Copies of the October minutes were made available to those who needed a copy. Mark Gordon made a correction to the spelling of Mark Desjardin (not Dejardin). Robert expressed his concern that the Committee which had been formed to study the ways in which we can gain control of incoming data had inadequate representation of the people who actually need and use the data. The Board agreed to insure broad input from users of the system.

Treasurer’s Report

David Copp reported on the complexity of aligning three different fiscal systems (Osher, January – December, UCSC, July – June and our own group, September – August). He also stated that UCSC requires written confirmation from Osher allowing us to holdover funds. David will follow through on getting this written confirmation.

Facilities Report

Mark Gordon reported that everything is set for Sunday’s meeting including the shuttle arrangements. Mark will put up the “Speaker’s Parking” sign. Corinne has signs for the shuttle car. The Merrill parking lot is used for overflow parking. Nancy will ask Manuel Santana if he would be able to help in directing people who want to use the shuttle service. He has done this in the past and seems willing to continue helping in this manner. The Board, as always, is asked to arrive early and help. Mark will talk about auditing classes at the Sunday meeting. Nancy will put it on the agenda.


Lois Widom brought up her concern with proper policy for thanking teachers of courses. Since each teacher has different interests she would like to be able to use discretion in what she gives. She also feels a need for consistency. There is also a strong wish to give a $400 donation to the Biology Department’s Health Service Internship program because that department went above and beyond the usual effort. It was agreed that this would be appropriate. Inga moved and Robert seconded a motion to leave gifts to teachers up to the discretion of Lois and Nancy to be coordinated with Corinne. The motion passed with two opposed and one abstention.

Interest Groups Report

Dusty Miller reported that when the new order of Interest Groups brochure is ready it will be mailed to new members. David informed the group that these brochures cost $12 each to publish in this small quantity. It was felt that there should be a simple list available to everyone which has the interest group names and contact person. Dusty will put one together for the Sunday meeting. Steve will develop a one page insert for the newsletter.

Membership Report

Florence Orenstein reported that we have over 500 members. She stated that we don’t have to push for new members, but can continue slow growth. Most members are in at least one interest group, many are also in courses. Robert encouraged active fostering of new membership. We need to be sure we have met our membership quota (500 members) at the time of the 2011 final Osher application (to receive the one million dollar endowment).


Steve Zaslaw reported that we are running out of our tri-fold brochures. They need updating and Steve is working on this. We have enough to last through the end of this year. He will send a draft of the next edition to the Board members. These brochures go to libraries, potential members, etc. We estimate 1500 would be published next. Steve asked the group if they felt we should continue to send out post cards for meeting notification. The Board felt the post cards are good reminders and that we should continue to send them. Publications currently include: membership directories, bi-monthly newsletters, interest group brochures, yellow post cards, the tri-fold brochure, the web-site, membership cards, envelopes and letterhead stationery


Phyllis Wood reported that we were in the Aptos Times this month. The Scotts Valley paper comes out after our meetings. Perhaps we should publicize our classes in the Scotts Valley paper since they publish too late for notification of our regular meetings. Our contact person at the Sentinel has left. Phyllis has been trying to make a contact with the city editor, but her calls have not been returned. An ideal place for news about our group is in the “Coastline” column. Phyllis will pursue the Sentinel connections. KUSP radio is a source for announcements.


Corinne Miller reported that the dessert party is the 3rd weekend in January. There are three groups which give scholarships. We give book scholarships to first year re-entry students only. The UCSC Women’s CLUB offers academic scholarships to re-entry students at any time during their entire academic experience. UCSC Retirees offers academic scholarships to veterans only. Corinne was asked why 80% of re-entry students do not apply for our scholarship. She will ask why. We also asked that applications be given to students enrolling for the first time in Winter session (not only Fall applicants). She agreed to do this.


Chancellor’s Holiday Party is to be held December 12 from 2-3:30. Not everyone received the invitation. Nancy will look into the reason for this. In the interim, we should put a reminder of the event on our yellow postcard to help ensure that all have been notified.
Database update Robert & Nancy met with Kathleen Hughes regarding moving the data base out of University Relations. Kathleen was in agreement that this should be done. Robert had noted earlier in the meeting that the Data Base Committee did not include those who most actively use it. He pointed out that the Membership, Interest Group, and Course components of our operation make heavy use of our information and would need to be consulted for their input as to what data they require. Mark offered to interview persons most affected by changes in the system. He will speak with Dusty, Florence, Ruth, and any others who wish to give input. Currently the members of this group are Chris, chairman, Steve, Mark, Phyllis, Ed and Corinne. Robert has offered to be of help.
How shall we be known? After a lively discussion, the consensus was that informally we should use, “Osher LLI or LLI as an acronym, replacing LLL. More formally we should use Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UCSC.
The meeting closed at 12:10 PM


· David Copp: Get Osher letter to UCSC re:holdover funds

· Mark Gordon: Speak about auditing classes at the Sunday meeting

o Set out the “Speaker’s Parking” sign

· Nancy Mead: Add “auditing classes” to the agenda for Sunday

o Ask Manuel Santana if he will help directing shuttle riders
o See that post card is sent for Chancellor’s party

· Dusty Miller: Put together a one-page list of interest groups

· Steve Zaslaw: Put together a one-page list of interest groups for newsletter

o Send draft of tri-fold to Board

· Phyllis Wood: Pursue connection with Sentinel

· Corinne Miller: Ask 80% re-entry students who don’t apply – Why?

o Issue applications to Winter session students

Minutes of Board Meeting – Oct. 14th 2010


Nancy Mead (president), Chris Le Maistre , Robert Franson, David Copp, Lois Widom, Mark Gordon, Inga Hoffman, Dusty Miller, Corinne Miller, Florence Orenstein, Steve Zaslaw, Ed Hutton, Phyllis Wood.

Opening Comments

Nancy Mead opened the meeting, noting that a new recording secretary had not been identified as yet. Board members were requested to solicit names of appropriate individuals who may be prepared to serve in this capacity. Later in the meeting Ruth Keeley was suggested as a possible candidate and Nancy will follow-up with Ruth.


Nancy reported on a discussion held with Kathleen Hughes of the UCSC Development Office, on the possibility of compensating an Osher LLI member for extensive efforts on behalf of the organization. Kathleen saw no problem with compensating a member (including a Board member) for effort that was beyond that expected of the individual. However, under normal circumstances, the individual would be required to act as a vendor and enter a bid for the services to be provided.

After further discussion, Chris Le Maistre proposed the following motion, seconded by Robert Franson “In cases where a task will require time and effort beyond that expected of a member of Lifelong Learners, including a Board member; the individual can choose to bid for the task as a vendor. In so doing the task scope and cost will need to be presented for the Board’s consideration.”

The motion was passed unanimously.

Subsequently, Robert Franson proposed the following motion. “Steve Zaslaw be considered a vendor for Interest Group Directory and be reimbursed at the level of $2000”. This was seconded by Mark Gordon and passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

David Copp has forwarded budgetary information to the Development Office to help prepare the report required by Osher before releasing this year’s funding to Lifelong Learners. Corinne Miller reported that the Development office had prepared the report and it had been sent to Osher. In subsequent discussion questions were raised as to the accuracy of membership numbers being reported and problems experienced and possible solutions. This will be discussed more fully under Membership.

Corrine also reported that of the $50,000 received from Osher in January 2010, $8,970 currently remains in the account. The Business Analyst in the Development Office had requested that Osher approval be sought to rollover any funds remaining to the next year’s account. Both Past Presidents who had interacted with the Osher Foundation in setting up the Osher LLI agreement, stated that Osher had already agreed to a rollover of any funds remaining at the end of the first year. However, Osher will be contacted to confirm this in writing to confirm this.

Membership Report

As stated in the Treasurer’s Report there was considerable discussion on the accuracy of membership numbers being received. The current estimate is 450. The Osher LLI Directory which is put together in mid-October needs access to accurate data, Similarly frustration was expressed regarding delays in the receipt of the numbers taking classes. This information is needed to provide to the instructors and for identifying the required size of classrooms etc. Florence Orenstein had expressed similar misgivings at the September Board meeting. Currently there is uncertainty regarding 86 members who appear not to have renewed their membership. She will follow up with these members to check their status.

The UCSC staff member responsible for recording members’ names and contributions has a heavy workload and difficulty making timely entries. There appears to be a considerable lag between the receipt of members’ fees and the recording of the information. The discussion centered on how the Osher LLI Board could access the information at the “front end”, record it and then forward it for entry into the UCSC data base.

Several possible solutions were discussed

·         STARS, All letters and checks , could be forwarded to STARS, held there, reviewed and recorded by an Osher LLI representative and then forwarded to the Development Office for entry into the data base etc.

This has the advantage of providing timely data, but the disadvantage of requiring considerable time and effort on the part of an Osher LLI volunteer.

·         Membership, Classes, fees etc to be input via a web data base.

This has the advantage of automating the collection of membership data, and fees (via Credit cards). The disadvantage would be for members who lack computer expertise and alternative means would be needed to resolve this.

Mark Gordon made the following motion, seconded by Robert Franson. “Create a Committee to study ways in which we can gain control of incoming data at the front end. This will include studying the STARS receiving station option and that of utilizing electronic databases.”

The motion was passed unanimously.

Board members who will be on this Committee are:

Steve Zaslaw, Mark Gordon, Phyllis Wood, Ed Hutton and Corinne Miller.

Florence Orenstein said that Ruth Keeley will be in charge of Membership in 2011 and is currently shadowing her to become familiar with the activities she will be undertaking next year. During a brief discussion it was suggested that Ruth would also be a good candidate for the current vacant Recording Secretary position on the Board. All members agreed and an invitation will be issued to her.

Interest Groups Report

Dusty Miller had had the following Interest Group items for presentation to the Board

  1. Newcomers Group – The leader of this group – Lyn Demalis needs to be reimbursed snacks etc. she has purchased for group meetings. Corinne Miller said that with University policy it was difficult to reimburse this type of expense after the event. In future contact her before the event and she would issue a Purchase Order.
  2. Two groups – The UCSC Section of the Horticulture Interest Group and English in Action were acting in a volunteer capacity rather than group mode.

The Board agreed with the assessment and Dusty will discuss this further with the Group Leaders.

Art and Architecture

Lois Widomgroup leader of the Arts and Architecture Group, requested funds to rent a room at the Museum of Art and History to show a movie on Architecture. The Board was in favor and Lois will check into room availability and cost before proceeding.

With regard to Courses:

The Modern Molecular Biology class had now met on two Saturdays with two to go. The classes to date had been well presented and enjoyed by the approximately 40 attendees.

Ellen Kimmel’s class on “wellness Within and Without” commences on Friday Oct. 15. She has 20 members enrolled.

Todd Newberry’s class on “November birds around Monterey Bay” has been fully subscribed.


Mark Gordon said all arrangements were in hand for the monthly member meeting on October 17th 2010. The chancellor of UCSC will be the Guest speaker.


Steve Zaslaw said that if anyone had input for the newsletter, he needed the information straight away. The mailing of newsletters has become a time consuming endeavor and we should be looking into ways to obviate this. The use of a mailing service is a possibility and should be checked to determine costs etc.

More copies of the Osher LLI brochures are needed, but the brochure also needs some alterations. Steve suggested that somebody within the Lifelong Learners may have a graphics background and could help with the new edition. A suggestion was made announce this our newsletter and see if there are any responses.


Phyllis Wood had been in contact with Mark Desjardin of the Sentinel newspaper, he told her if we need an article published, he would need the information three weeks ahead of time. She had done this with regard to George Blumenthal, the Chancellor of UCSC being the guest speaker at the Lifelong Learners meeting on Sunday October 17th. A short article on this event appeared in the Sentinel 0n Thursday October 14th – so the system is working. Phyllis noted that NPR Monterey – KAZU provides information on the Osher Institute associated with CSUMB and wondered if our organization could receive similar publicity. It was suggested that she approach KUSP (the local NPR affiliate) and see if they would assist our Osher Institute. (Note: Ben Carson, Asst. Professor of Music UCSC is on their Board of Directors and David Kaun is a member of their Community Advisory Board).

The meeting closed at 12:30 PM

Minutes of Board Meeting – Sept. 9 2010

Nancy Mead, Chris Le Maistre , David Copp, Lois Widom, Mark Gordon, Inga Hoffman Dusty Miller, Florence Orenstein, Steve Zaslaw, , Ed Hutton.
Opening Comments
Nancy Mead opened the meeting with a short tribute to Recording Secretary Patty Stumpf who had died recently, and directed Board members to the Osher LLI web-page for further information on a celebration of Patty’s life.

Chris Le Maistre will continue acting as Recording Secretary until a replacement for Patty is identified.

The General meeting is held on the third Sunday of every month in the academic year. It is recognized that this causes a degree of inconvenience for members who have religious commitments. However, this is exacerbated when the meeting date coincides with a day of additional religious significance – Easter Sunday for example. In the future, every effort will be made to avoid these when preparing the OLLI general meeting calendar.

Treasurer’s Report

David Copp presented the Treasurer’s report – see attached.

He drew attention to the following
¨ The balance as of 7/1/2010 of $93,045 does not include UCSC’s deduction of $20,000 which is yet to be made.
¨ The funding available for scholarships is $27,062

In a short discussion, he confirmed that each “returning student” scholarship recipient receives $900 for the academic year.
Ed Hutton proposed the Treasurer’s Report be accepted, seconded by Florence Orenstein and passed unanimously.

Scholarship Committee

Matt Miller represented and spoke on behalf of the Committee. There were 31 scholarship candidates this year, of which the committee selected 21 recipients. He stated that in general the quality of applications was low. Many of the dissertations were not directed towards their chosen disciplines and their motivation. It was noted that the UCSC Women’s group also provided scholarships to undergraduates and that there was a need to understand the criteria that both groups used to select recipients and any overlap that might exist. Matt and members of the Scholarship Committee will be meeting with Corrine Miller of STARS to discuss identification of candidates, the application process etc.

Membership Report

Florence Orenstein reported that it was difficult to provide a firm number for the number of members. Kira Steinberg had been on vacation and consequently the official membership numbers had not been processed beyond August 10th. We appear to be getting a good rate of membership renewal but Florence will have a better idea on numbers by the end of September.
A comment made was that the university’s database was difficult to use and interrogate.

Interest Groups Report

Dusty Miller reported that the
¨ Great decisions Group will be paying $40 per meeting for a Meeting room. There will be 9 sessions for a total of $360.
¨ Alice Miller’s Opera group will be meeting at the Congregational church at $90 per meeting. Six sessions for a total cost of $540
¨ Current Affairs Group. Met at The Quaker Center. Facilities charge $25 a meeting - $225 total

Dusty moved that the Board approve the above expenditures, seconded by Florence Orenstein, Approved unanimously
Dusty Miller reported that requests had been received for the creation of:

Horticultural Group at Arboretum – Sherry Eisendorf wished to start a group at the Arboretum similar to the one currently meeting at Cabrillo College.

The Board approved.

Responding to a question on how an interest group should be run – venue? Frequency of meetings? number of members? etc. Dusty said this was up to the Group leader
The new brochures on Interest Groups have been delivered for mailing.

Facilities and Hospitality – Arrangements for First Meeting

Mark Gordon has the responsibility for arranging the physical setup for the first General Meeting of the 2010 academic year – the “Sign-up” Meeting.

The meeting will start at 10:30 AM. Board members are requested to arrive by 9:30 AM to help with arrangements if needed.
Food has been ordered for 150 people and the food tables will be set up near the Service doors. The layout will have chairs in the middle of the room with 20 tables around the circumference. These tables will be for the Interest group leaders. Two interest groups per table.

Cindy Margolin is preparing an OLLI slide presentation that will be projected on the screen in a continuous loop during the more “social” part of the meeting.

The Program
  1. The President will make the opening comments
  2. 3 scholarship recipient6s will speak for 3 mins. each.
  3. OLLI members will be informed on how to sign up for groups – Payment envelopes will be available at the membership table, as will the required form to be completed for members wishing to take and pay for courses. Lois Widom and Dusty Miller will make presentations and answer questions on the Courses and Interest groups respectively.

Additional Notes.
¨ Two parking lots associated with Stevenson College will be available. As will a shuttle service from the parking for members who are incapacitated.
¨ Help maybe needed to set-up tables.
¨ Bathrooms need to be inspected to ensure they are fully supplied with toilet paper etc. and are serviceable.
¨ Directions to be provided to toilets


Lois Widom said that she did not have much to add to the comments she had made at the previous Board meeting.
She would like to have firm numbers of members taking each course particularly the Biology course, which will be commencing on October 2nd.

She asked for a Board member to volunteer to help with Class Sign-ups. Chris Le Maistre volunteered.

August 22nd Reception Follow-up

¨ 100 invitations, 64 acceptances
¨ Cost under $1,500 (Accounts not finalized yet)


1. Tannery Tours - Steve Edmunds asked if sign-ups for Tannery tours could be included in the First General Meeting. After discussion, it was decided that this could be arranged at a General meeting later in the year. Flyers describing the Tannery facilities etc. could be left on a table.

2. The Santa Cruz Symphony League provides OLLI members with discounted tickets for the Symphony season. The Symphony League has requested that some of its members (who are not OLLI members) be able to attend without cost the Opera Interest Group led by Alice Miller with group discussions led by Miriam Ellis and John Dizikes. – A motion in favor was made by Ed Hutton, seconded by Lois Widom and passed unanimously.

3. Honorarium – A proposal for providing a service honorarium was discussed. As this would be precedent setting, it was agreed to table this proposal, for Board members to spend time considering it and revisit the issue at the next Board meeting.
The meeting closed at 12:30 PM

Minutes of Board Meeting – July 29 2010

Nancy Mead (President), Chris Le Maistre (Vice President), David Copp (Treasurer), Lois Widom (Course Organizer and interest Group leader –Arts and Architecture), Mark Gordon (Past President), Inga Hoffman (Scholarships), Dusty Miller (Coordinator Interest Groups), Florence Orenstein (Membership), Steve Zaslaw (Outreach – Web Master, Editor of Newsletter) Phyllis Wood (Publicity), Ed Hutton (Event Planning).

Announcements – Nancy Mead

Minute’s Secretary – In the absence of Patty Stunpf due to illness, Chris Le Maistre has agreed to act as Minutes secretary

Scheduling of Osher LLI Art Show on Campus
Dates etc.

Establishment of Osher LLI PO Box – Mark Gordon reported on his “fact gathering” to determine the need for a Osher LLI PO Box, and the costs entailed. A prime purpose of the PO Box relates to difficulties that occur when members send in checks for those courses where there is a restriction on the number of attendees. Currently, UC policy necessitates that all fees received, must be “banked”. Consequently refunding fees for those members who don’t make “the cut” is problematical.
However, in discussing the issues related to the Osher LLI PO address, it became evident that further thought needed to be given to the subject. A committee will be formed to further this issue.

Treasurer’s Report
David Copp said that the finances were in ‘good shape” and he will present a Balance Sheet at the next meeting. David is also preparing an article for the newsletter to inform members the how the Osher funds are being used to support the Institute activities and how membership fees are used primarily for student scholarships.

Membership Report
Florence Orenstein reported that there have been delays in receiving stationary with the New letterheads from the Campus Print shop. This has in turn delayed the mailing of Membership renewal cards, letters etc. It is anticipated that the new stationary will be received within a week and the mailings will occur shortly thereafter.

Current organization has approximately 510 members.

Florence will check with the library etc. to see if need to provide additional brochures (as part of our outreach).

Interest Groups Report

Dusty Miller reported that requests had been received for the creation of six new interest groups requiring the Board’s approval.

Airport Shuttle Cooperative – Irene Lennox has proposed that s new group be formed whose members would provide each other a shuttle service to local airports. Members providing the service would receive points, which could be traded when they wished to travel. The main point that emerged from the discussion was that although the remuneration was based on a point system, it would negatively impact the Auto. insurance if there was an accident.

The Board did not approve this proposal, however, Ileene could pursue informal arrangements with Osher LLI members if she wished.

Science and Technology Group for members with a Science and Technology (S&T) background. Kathy Cairns was the proposer and had indicated this S&T requirement would enable group discussions to proceed in greater depth.

The Board approved the proposal.

Envisaging the Future – This would be a group for futurists who would study current trends and project possible future scenarios. Don Hoernschemeyer is the proposer.

The Board approved the proposal.

Biography Working Group – Proposer Bill Patterson. Group members to interview individuals in the Osher LLI, write a biography and with the individual’s approval, publish it in the newsletter.
The Board approved the proposal.

Sunshine Interest Group – Proposer Bill Patterson. The group would endeavor to share information in the Newsletter on members who are seriously ill, recovering from surgery or have “passed on”.

The Board approved the proposal.

In discussion, Dusty reiterated that information on Interest Groups will be provided in a document separate to the Newsletter.


Lois Widom provided the following information regarding courses for the coming year

Stem Cells and the Human Genome – A course to be provided by four professors in the Biology Department. It will be held on four Saturdays in October – 10/2, 10/16, 10/23, 10/30. Classes will be from 10 AM to 11;30 AM Cost $20.

Bird Watching Class – Class will be limited to 12 people, Todd Newberry will be the presenter

Study the Works of T. S. Elliott – Lecturer John Dizikes, Four weeks in February.

Title of Talk Bob Goss
Lectures to be held in January

Japanese Art – Lecturer Coeleen Kiebert. One day session December 8th 2010

Shakespeare Plays (To be announced) Michael Warren To be held in the Spring.

Music of the Age of Enlightenment Don Kraft. To be held in January. Class limited to 15.

Class on Wellness Ellen Kimmel? To be held in September.

Opera? Miriam Ellis - To be held at UCSC

Agenda Items for Discussion

Items for Newsletter – Deadline for Class Announcements - August 20 (Preferably earlier)
Frequently Asked Questions” column to be included in next Newsletter.

Potluck Dinner Venue has been changed to the De Anza Village Community Center. The dinner is to recognize and thank those current and past volunteers who have provided valuable service to the health and growth of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UCSC. Because of the number attending it was agreed that the hors d’oeuvres and desserts be potluck and the main course catered.

Florence Orenstein will provide the flatware and Napkins, A cake to be purchased from Costco.

Scholarships for Osher LLI members - To be treated on a case by case basis at the discretion of the President.

Brochures. - Currently sufficient in stock. Will decide whether they need to be updated at time of next printing.

Name Buttons - Name Buttons with a new logo etc. reflecting our organization's support from and affiliation with Osher will be available shortly.

Next Board Meeting - Thursday September 9 2010.

The Meeting closed at 12:15 PM

Draft Minutes of Board Meeting – June 30 2010


Nancy Mead (President), Chris Le Maistre (Vice President), David Copp (Treasurer), Robert Franson (Immediate past president), Lois Widom (Course Organizer and interest Group leader –Arts and Architecture), Mark Gordon (Past President), Inga Hoffman (Scholarships), Dusty Miller (Coordinator Interest Groups), Florence Orenstein (Membership), Steve Zaslaw (Outreach – Web Master, Editor of Newsletter) Phyllis Wood (Publicity), Ed Hutton (Event Planning).


There being two new members to the Board, the meeting commenced with Board members introducing themselves and their roles on the Board. The new Board members, Phyllis Wood and Ed Hutton provided brief descriptions of their past experience in Publicity and Event Planning respectively.

The meeting continued with the following reports

Treasurer’s Report

See attached Report.
After all expenses are deducted, the projected funds available on June 30 2010 was $81,791. It was pointed out that there was an additional $12,500 from Osher that should be added, which would increase the projected available funds to $94,291.

In the discussion, that followed the Treasurer’s report, the subject that arose was that the membership was not fully conversant with how the funds from the Osher Grant could be and were being utilized and that there were some unrealistic suggestions of how these funds could be expended. An effort will be made via the newsletter to provide transparency in the expenditure of these funds and hopefully assure the membership that the Board was being fiscally responsible and prudent in this matter.

Program Development.

Chris Le Maistre reported that speakers at the monthly meeting in 2010 would be:

September 12- Orientation Meeting

October 17th – Dr. George Blumenthal, Chancellor UCSC

November 21st – Professor Jerry Nelson – Chief Scientist Thirty Meter Telescope
January 16th. Professor Forrest Robinson “Mark Twain on Slavery”
Remaining Speakers, yet to be contacted.

With respect to the Orientation Meeting – Mark Gordon to arrange to have Scholarship winners make short presentations. A suggestion was made that the “winners” rehearse their presentations to ensure that they arre focused and reflect favorably on the speaker.

Web, Newsletter and Announcements

The Board Dinner will be held August 22 2010 at the “Aptos Club house”. Discussion was held on who the invitees would be. Robert Franson has a list of those invited to attend in 2009.

August 20th is the “drop dead” date for items to be included in the Newsletter.


Florence Orenstein reported that delays were being experienced in the printing of Renewal letters and membership cards.

She projected that with the current trend in new members joining the membership should surpass the 500 mark this year.

Ruth Keeley will be “shadowing” Florence this year with the goal of taking over the Membership Recorder and Facilitator Position next year.

Interest Groups

Dusty Miller opened discussion on two Interest groups – “Current Events” and the “Great Decisions Group” that because of their size wished to meet in larger rented meeting rooms. After discussion a motion was proposed that :
“For these two groups funds be provided for one year for the rental of meeting rooms. At the end of this period, the Board will review the efficacy of the arrangement and decide on the future course of action.”
The motion was passed unanimously.

Dusty referring to comments read in the recent survey, suggested that members be encouraged to read the Minutes of the Board meetings available on the web.

Steve Zaslaw following up on the above topic suggested that a “Frequently asked Questions and Answers” section be included in the newsletter.

A discussion on a possible Newcomers Group and how this could function was held. No conclusion was reached and it is on-going.

A motion by Dusty to “Publish a Directory of Interest Groups” was unanimously approved.


Lois Widom commenced by reiterating that a. We do not pay teachers for courses they teach and b. As the teacher is a volunteer, times taught etc are determined primarily by the teacher and not the course organizer.

Lois went on to identify 10 individuals who had indicated that they would be interested in presenting a Course this year.

A problem was identified as to members who paid to attend a course that had a limitation on the number of people who could be accommodated, and who did not make the cut-off. In such cases, because of UCSC policy it was difficult to refund the course fees. As a solution, Mark Gordon will act as the Registrar, and only those members who are confirmed for the class will be billed.

Mark Gordon suggested that the Osher LLI invest in a Post office Box, to ensure that no correspondence is impacted by illness or absence due to travel of an individual Board member. This suggestion was approved.

As Interest Group leader of the “Arts and Architecture” group , Lois said that there were a large number of artists amongst our members and she had thought of the possibility of an Art show featuring “works” from our members. She had spoken to Linda Pope -curator of the Smith Galleries on the UCSC campus. Linda was favorably disposed and suggested a “Jury” showing. While this is still in the discussion phase, the Board strogly encouraged Lois to try to bring this to fruition.

Comments on Survey (Robert Franson)
  1. (3 fully engaged members participated.
  2. Dislikes – Transportation, Parking, Scheduling Conflicts
  3. Most new attendees heard of our organization through “word of mouth” (friends)
  4. Received good marks for stimulating and interesting membership
  5. Like to see programs extended to evening and weekend sessions
  6. Courses and Interest Groups all popular
  7. Complaints of $23 for Interest groups. Give a discount to some members
  8. Good support for scholarship program
  9. Suggestions – catering for working people, transport problems, Bus Trips?

Robert suggested that some issues in the Survey should be identified further discussion by the Board.

Next meeting - July 29th 2010

The meeting ended at 12:20 PM