Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UCSC General Meetings

Our members gather monthly, September through May inclusive, except in December, usually on the third Sunday from 10 a.m. to noon in the Colleges Nine and Ten Multipurpose Room to socialize, conduct business, and hear a speaker, often a UCSC professor. We greet, meet, and eat (fruit or cake, and coffee or tea), and interact with a speaker of note. At the first meeting of the year after the summer break, in September, (At Porter College Dining Hall September only) in lieu of hearing from a speaker, we find out about and sign-up for interest groups.

General Meeting, Sunday September 16, 2018, 10 a.m. – noon

Porter College Dining Hall, UCSC

Speakers: None -- This is the meeting to sign up for Interest Groups

Topic: None

Venue and Parking for General Meetings

The September 16, 2018 General Meeting is held at the Porter College Dining Hall. The remaining 2018–2019 General Meetings are held in the Colleges Nine and Ten Multipurpose Room, UCSC. The recommended, free parking lot is the East Remote lot. Shuttle service is provided.

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Parking is described in detail below. We will keep you informed if anything changes.
Thank you for your participation in our meetings.

→ Detailed driving directions for parking and dropoff: click here.

Parking for Meetings — General Information, Academic Year 2018–2019

UCSC requires permits to park in most parking lots throughout the campus. Permits cost $4.00 per car. OLLI is providing a carpool discount rate of $2.00 per car for carpools with of three or more occupants. Carpooling will reduce the per person cost of parking, and is good for the environment. Shuttle service to and from the East Remote Parking Lot along Hagar Drive is provided. There is no charge for parking at this lot on the weekends.

Student Parking Agents will sell $2.00 carpool or regular $4.00 permits at the entrance to the parking areas identified with an asterisk (*) on the parking map on this page. Permits are good for 24 hours.

There is free parking for members with a handicap. See the “Information for Members with a Handicap” section below.

We hope you will share your thoughts or concerns with our Parking Committee. Please contact Fred DeJarlais, our Parking Committee Chair, at fred.dejarlais@gmail.com .

Steps to Follow to Park for General Meetings at the Porter College Dining Hall

Steps to Follow

These directions are specific to the September 2018 meeting at the Porter College Dining Hall. Meetings for the remainder of 2018 and the first half of 2019 will be at Colleges 9 & 10 Multipurpose Room and revised directions will be posted after our September meeting.

STEP 1. If you choose to park at the lots near Porter College you will be greeted by a Student Parking Agent who will have permits to sell to you. The fee will be $4.00. If there are three or more passengers in the car, the fee will be $2.00. The most direct route to these lots is via the West Entrance to the campus.

STEP 2. If you choose our shuttle service your best route is the Main Entrance at Bay and High via Glenn Coolidge Drive and Hagar Drive. Look for the large multi-colored umbrella at our shuttle stop.
external image rainbow-umbrella-hi.png

Information for Members with a Handicap

Anyone with a DMV handicap placard or license plate may park in the following spaces:
  • ADA (a.k.a. Accessible) parking spaces
  • “A” spaces
  • Medical spaces
  • in time zones (e.g., 10-minute spaces) for longer than the time specified
  • in meters and paystation spaces without additional payment when no other parking is available.
If there are no marked parking space, you can park in open areas as long as you don’t park in fire lanes, tow-away zones, or next to red curbs. You also can’t block other vehicles, access to dumpsters or loading docks, buildings, sidewalks, pathways, or traffic.

If you have any questions please contact Fred DeJarlais, fred.dejarlais@gmail.com. Phone: 415-948-6579.

Program Chair

Our program chair, who finds and arranges for our speakers, is Barry Bowman. Please send suggestions for future speakers to him at

Past Speakers
May 20, 2018
Speakers: Kim Steinhardt and Gary Griggs
Topic: "The Edge: The Pressured Past and Precarious Future of California's Coast"

April 15, 2018
Speaker: Yulianna Ortega, Director of STEM Diversity Programs
Topic: "Preparing Under Represented Students for Science Careers"

March 18, 2018
Speaker: Beth Shapiro
Topic: Two Tales of Terrestrial Termination: Understanding extinction using ancient DNA

February 18 2018
Speaker: Bruce Thompson, PhD
Topic: Russian Espionage from Lenin to Putin

January 21, 2018
Speaker: Adam Millard
Topic: Cities and sustainability in a world of autonomous vehicles

November 19, 2017
Speaker: Shelly Stamp
Topic: Women in Early Hollywood: The Untold Story

October 15, 2017
Speaker: Grace Barcheck
Topic: Doing Science at the End of the World

May 21, 2017
Speaker: Jody Greene
Topic: Yes, we DO care about Teaching! Building a 21st Century Teaching Center at UCSC

April 23, 2017
Speaker: Lee Taiz
Topic: Flora Unveiled: The Discovery and Denial of Sex in Plants

March 19, 2017
Speaker: Bruce Lyon
Topic: Animal Behavior as revealed by the study of birds

February 19, 2017
Speaker: Kerstin Wasson
Topic: Rising to the challenge: Salt Marsh Resilience at Elkhorn Slough

January 15, 2017
Speaker: Flora Lu
Topic: Native Amazonians, Cultural Change, and Oil Extraction in Ecuador’s Biodiverse Rainforests

November 20, 2016
Speaker: Michael Orbach
Topic: The Cultural Context of International Response to Climate Change

October 16, 2016
Fred DeJarlais
“Do Maps Win Wars?”

May 15, 2016
Miriam Ellis, Lecturer in French Emerita, UCSC
“Miriam Ellis International Playhouse ”

April 17, 2016
Gregory O'Malley, Associate Professor of History, UCSC
“The Escapes of David George:
One Man’s Struggle with Slavery and Freedom in the Revolutionary Era ”

March 20, 2016Chris Le Maistre, Managing Director of the Center for Adaptive Optics, Retired, UCSC
“Adaptive Optics applied to Astronomy and Vision Science ”

February 21, 2016
Gail Hershatter: Distinguished Professor of History and East Asian Studies Co-Director, UCSC
“Did Chinese women have a revolution? If so, what remains?”

January 17, 2016
Kristy Kroeker, Assistant Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UCSC
“Sea Change: Ocean life in a high-CO2 world”

November 15, 2015
Gary Young, poet, printer, and book artist.In 2010, he was named the first ever Poet Laureate of Santa Cruz county.

October 18, 2015
Mark Carr: Professor of Physical & Biological Sciences, UCSC
The forest and the fish: a case study in science and policy of coastal marine ecosystems

May 17, 2015
Bettina Aptheker, Professor, Feminist Studies, UCSC
Women, Revolution, and Gender Transgressions

Sunday, April 19, 2015
Nancy Ellen Abrams
A God that Could be Real

March 15, 2015
Jill Steinberg, Clinical Psychologist, Professor Emeritus at SJSU, Founder of MyRetirementWorks.com
Personal and interpersonal factors in creating a successful retirement

February 15, 2015
Gary B Griggs, Director, Institute of Marine Sciences, Distinguished Professor of Earth Sciences, UCSC
Oceans—Our last frontier: Coastal Ocean Issues and Innovation in the Institute of Marine Sciences.

January 18, 2015
Speaker: Alan S. Christy, Associate Professor, East Asian Studies Director, Co-Director, Center for the Study of Pacific War Memories
The Keystone of the Pacific: A History of America in Okinawa

November 16, 2014
Speakers: Barry Bowman, Professor of MCD Biology, UCSC
Teaching College Biology

October 19, 2014
John Dizikes, Prof. Emeritus of American Studies, UCSC
Poets: Forgotten and Unknown

May 18, 2014
Prof. Helene Moglen
From Frankenstein to Facebook

April 27, 2014
Nancy Ellen Abrams and Joel Primack
The New Universe and the Human Future

March 16, 2014
Prof. David Sweet
Henry Wallace’s America

February 16, 2014
Terrie M. Williams, Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Heart Health: Lessons from Nature’s Extreme Athletes

January 19, 2014
Mary W Silver, Professor Emerita of Ocean Science
Night Lights and Poisons in the Sea

November 17, 2013
Lester Miller, MD, Rheumatologist;
Susan O’Brien, Arthritis Foundation Speakers’ Bureau

October 20, 2013
Gitta Spindel Ryle
Gitta Spindel Ryle, a long-time OLLI member, told us how she and her sister Renee escaped the Nazis and found refuge during WWII in several locations in occupied and Vichy France. The audience was much moved.

May 19, 2013
Jame R. Hein, Ph.D, Marine Geologist, Senior Scientist, USGS
Potential contributions from deep-ocean mineral deposits to the global minerals wealth of the Earth, their complement to land-basted deposits, and the environmental implications of extraction of these minerals.

April 21, 2013
Prof. Douglas Kellogg, MCD Biology
The search for cancer cures

March 17, 2013
Elliot Aronson, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, UCSC
My Fifty-five Years of Research on Changing Attitudes and Behavior: Have We Learned Anything Useful?

February 17, 2013
Bruce Daniels, Director, Soquel Creek Water District, Climatologist.
Climate Change — Earth Running a Fever

January 20, 2013
Charles Hedrick, UCSC Professor of History
Ancient Greece and Contemporary China

November 18, 2012
John O. Jordan, Professor of Literature, Director, Dickens Project
Portrayal of London in Dickens’s Novels

October 21, 2012
Ron Duncan — Conservation/Customer Service Field Manager, Soquel Creek Water
Your water footprint, economics, conservation, & water supply alternatives

May 20, 2012
Mark Hylkema, Ph.D.
The Castroville Mammoth Project and Search for the First People of the Americas

April 22, 2012
Isebill Gruhn, Professor of Politics, Emerita.
Is the World Going to Hell? Issues and Solutions.

March 18, 2012
University Astronomer Sandra Faber.
Structure & History of the Cosmos, Origins of Elements, Extrasolar Planets

February 19, 2012
Mark Stone, County of San Mateo Supervisor, member of California Coastal Commission.
Swimming the English Channel

January 15, 2012
Chancellor George Blumenthal.
The Challenges Facing Public Higher Education Nationally and How UC Santa Cruz is Adapting

November 20, 2011
Speaker: Professor Marvin Chester.
What Quantum Mechanics Says

October 16, 2011
No speaker

May 15, 2011
Marco Barricelli, Artistic Director, Shakespeare Santa Cruz

April 17, 2011
George Newell
The Tannery Arts Center — An Artists’ Community in Santa Cruz

March 20, 2011
Brian Liddicoat — Attorney and Amateur Historian
The Lost Railroad Tunnels of the Santa Cruz Mountains

Feb 20, 2011
Gary Griggs — Distinguished Professor of Earth & Planetary Sciences; Director, Institute of Marine Sciences
Climate Change and Consequences for Coasts and Populations

January 16, 2011
Forrest Robinson, Professor of Humanities in the Department of American Studies
Mark Twain and Slavery

November 21, 2010
Jerry Nelson, Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics
The Thirty-Meter Telescope: Galileo’s Legacy 400 Years Later

October 17, 2010
UCSC Chancellor George Blumenthal

Apri1 18, 2010
Nicole Paiement, Professor of Music, and Brian Staufenbiel, Director of the Opera Program
The UCSC Opera Program and this Spring’s “L’elisir d’amore ”

March 21, 2010
Jonathan Fox, Professor of Latin American and Latino Studies
Indigenous Mexican Migrants: Recognizing Ethnic Difference

February 21, 2010
Susan Wollowitz, Ph.D., Vice President of Chemistry and Manufacturing, Medivation, Inc.
The Drug Development Process

January 17, 2010
Martin A. Berger, Professor of History of Art and Visual Culture
The Politics of Civil Rights Photography

November 15, 2009
Gage Dayton, Ph.D., Administrative Director of the UCSC Natural Reserve System
From Deserts to Shining Seas: The University of California Natural Reserve System

October 18, 2009
Eleonora Pasotti, Assistant Professor of Politics.
Political Branding in Cities: The Decline of Machine Politics in Bogotá, Naples, and Chicago

May 31, 2009
Frank A. Perry, Research Associate, Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History
Lime Kiln Legacies

April 19, 2009
Marco Barricelli, Artistic Director of Shakespeare Santa Cruz
Building a Season with Shakespeare Santa Cruz

March 15, 2009
Stephen Thorsett, Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics
and Dean of the Division of Physical and Biological Sciences
Rising Above the Gathering Storm: Science and Economic Development

February 15, 2009
Virginia Steel, University Librarian
Creating Library 2.0

January 18, 2009
Michael Isaacson, Narinder Kapany Professor of Electrical Engineering
and Acting Dean, Baskin School of Engineering
Technology for a Changing World: Biotechnology, Nanotechnology,
and Information Technology

November 16, 2008
David Sweet, Professor Emeritus of Latin American and World History
Human Rights for Americans

October 19, 2008
Emily Brodsky, Associate Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Why Earthquakes Happen

May 18, 2008
Kimberly Jannarone, Assistant Professor of Theater Arts,
Sit Down and Shut Up: The Evolution of the Audience in Modern Theater

April 20, 2008
Nicole Paiement and Brian Staufenbiel, Professor and Lecturer of Music, respectively
Menotti’s “The Consul” (UCSC’s Spring Opera Performance)

March 16, 2008
Helen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison, Environmental and Ecological Artists
Environmental Art, Greenheart Vision

February 17, 2008
Mark Hylkema, Archeologist, California State Parks
Lifeways of the Ohlone Indians of the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas

January 20, 2008
Bruce Bridgeman, Professor of Psychology
The Population / Environment Connection

November 18, 2007
Lisa C. Sloan, Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Global Warming and California’s Future Climate

October 21, 2007
Michael M. Hutchison, Professor of Economics
Financial Crises Around the World, Old and New

May 20, 2007
Jim Faris, Former Film Editor and one of the founders of LifeLong Learners
The Role of the Motion Picture Editor in the Art of Making Movies

April 15, 2007
Terrie Williams, Professor of Ecology and Environmental Biology
Aging Gracefully with Seals and Bobcats

March 18, 2007
Brian Catlos, Associate Professor of History
Islam, Muslim Spain, and the West

February 18, 2007
Kenneth Lyons, Reference Librarian, McHenry Library
Today’s Library: Local-to-Global Information From Technologies Old and New

January 21, 2007
Isebill Gruhn, Professor Emerita of Politics
The United Nations: 20 th Century Relic or Vehicle for the 21 st Century?

November 19, 2006
Ellen Suckiel, Professor of Philosophy and Provost of Stevenson College
The Ethics of Stem Cell Research

October 15, 2006
Mara Mather, Associate Professor of Psychology
The Senior Brain: Growing into Wisdom